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Tour of Kumano 2012 – Japan

Today’s stage was a 700m prologue around a canal in shingu Japan, the first straight was run on foot path approx 325m then you hit a bridge which went over the water approx 25m then it was back onto the path again to the finish line approx 350m!
We came out early and did a few trial runs on the bend as it was quite the tight corner with not a lot of room upon the exit, we thought we had it down pat. When racing started only about 5 or so riders made it through before rain hit which made a dodgy corner even worse the rain soon went and the circuit started to dry out I was quite lucky being the last rider from our team I got to get little bits of info off all my team mates as to what to and what not to do so thanks Kyle, Jono, Nearle, Flakey and Most of all Pat as he practically wrote down what I should be doing.
I end up making it around the circuit in 51.37 seconds which is an average of 49km/h this put me in 1st place and in the yellow jersey leading the tour by 1.5 seconds going into the 1st road stage

Thanks Aj


Tour of Borneo Stage 3 29 April 2012 – 181km

Pure Black let a break go but didn’t have the strength to bring it back so we put a guy up there then Pure Black fell to bits so we put another on the front along with the help of the Malaysian Tereganu team they bought the break back with about 8km to go…

With 200 to go there was a 90 degree left hand turn so i hit with 300 took the corner 1st with no brakes and kicked out of the corner and went for the line…