Coaching Services

Services Offered

  • Personalized Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Bike Fit
  • Bike Riding skills
  • Ride with the Pros
  • Public Speaking engagements with the Top LSM athletes
  • Training camps
  • Member Benefits

Here’s what’s in it for you!

  • Hands on personal coaching
  • Training plans built around your lifestyle and commitments
  • Personal consultation at the start of your programme plus ongoing reviews
  • Confidence you are working towards achieving your cycling goals
  • Coached training rides
  • Realistic training focused on quality as oppose quantity
  • Every minute of training becomes critical, no more wasted hours
  • Feedback on your training and analysis of data files
  • Additional services available depending upon your budget and requirements

To make improvements in any sport it takes time.  If you are prepared to make the commitment, set your goals and train with confidence each day that the programme set out for you is going to help you reach those goals then a coaching programme is for you.  LSM Coaching will unlock the secrets to training harder and smarter in less time.

Personalized Coaching and Group Training

  • Nationally Qualified Level 2 Coach
  • 12 Years Experience
  • Customized programs tailored around your work and family commitments.
  • Learn the secrets of the pros
  • Train to maximize your time spent on the bike
  • Achieve results you dream of by incorporating the full spectrum of quality coaching advice. We will analyze  training, diet, bike position and strength conditioning to develop you into the best you can be.
  • Attend Training sessions with the pros showing you how to ride in the bunch, cornering, sprinting, lead outs, TT, pace lines, echelons, roll throughs,  bump and grind shoulder to shoulder in a safe confident environment.
  • No matter what tools you have available be it Heart rate monitors, Power Devices or home trainers we can work a tailored program that will allow you to develop to your maximum potential.

Bike Fit

  • Road Bike set up and position analysis
  • TT set up
  • Maximize your power through efficient set up and power delivery
  • Injury prevention

Bike skills

Learn how to do the following from experienced and knowledgeable pro and elite level cyclists
  • Pacelines
  • Roll thru’s
  • Leadouts
  • Cornering
  • Bunch riding
  • Bump and grind shoulder to shoulder


Member Benefits

Exclusive access to value added services are available through LSM Coaching services. These include the following
  • Discounts at Cyclemania
  • Bike trial programmes at Cyclemania
  • Test saddle program at Cyclemania
  • Members discounts at Applecross Physiotherapy. Adrian Spinelli is one of Perth’s leading physiotherapists and has vast experience in working on the LSM professional cyclists like Luke Durbridge and Travis Meyer etc
  • Members discounts at The Running Centre.
  • Exclusive deals for LSM clients for group training camps through some of the world’s leading  bike tour providers.


Maybe you’re a triathlete and want to improve the bike part? 

  • How do I get more out of my training time and not sacrifice the run and swim sessions?
  • Am I in the most aero position on my TT bike
  • Am I in the best bike fit position to allow me to run off the bike leg without cramping?

Some of the athletes coached by LSM Coaching services

Anthony Giacopppo   /   Brad Linfield
Theo Yates   /   Alex Malone
Dan Bonello   /   Aaron Slavik
Luke Joyce   /   Andrew Sime
Peter Hope   /   Adam Semple

Price List  (click here to download file)

For  a once off coaching clinic we could provide the following.
COST : $50 per head
Min 10 persons
2 hour clinic covering the following topics
  • Bike handling drills
  • Eating plans
  • Race strategy
  • Stretching exercises
  • Core strength exercises
  • Bike set up
For a regular coaching clinic conducted weekly we can provide the following:
COST : $20 per head per session
Min 15 persons
1 hour weekly session covering the following topics
  • Bike handling drills
  • Eating plans
  • Race strategy
  • Stretching exercises
  • Core strength exercises
  • Bike set up
  • Structured Training
  • Structured Program and evaluation
  • Group  training used as race mock ups
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